How to organize your luggage

When we’re going to travel we always think in how to organize the luggage in a way where you can catch your things exactly like you left them before.

Well, there are many ways to do it.

You can separate everything with little bags.

Searching on the internet you can find bags of all sizes. You can use one little for your higienic things, other one for medicines, one for makeup, other for clean clothes, etc… it’s the easiest way to find your things fastly.


If you have things that can break like perfume, statues, etc, you can put them inside your clothes bag right in the middle of your luggage or make small rolls using clothes with the objects inside. This way they won’t break or crack.

You can’t just throw everything wherever it falls inside your luggage. You have to see how you’ll put your things in a way they’ll be safe. Soft things, like clothes, shoes, bags can stay at the corners protecting the things that are in the middle, like perfumes, as we saw before.

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Let’s say you travelled and bought a lot of clothes, how will you make all of that clothes be inside of your luggage? Remember the rolls I said up there? You can use them just to optmize your space! If you see any little space, make a little roll and put there. You’ll see how magically that mountain of clothes will be organized inside of your luggage!


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Don’t want your shoes togheter with clothes? Put them inside a special bag. Some stores sell shoes and give the bag. They are very practical and higienic!


Never put valuable things in your luggage, because if you have it lost you won’t lose more than clothes, shoes, etc. If you’re able to, put them in your hand bag, just pay attention to don’t pass the limit of weight of the company you’re travelling.

Something else you can do to protect fragile things is to put them inside your sneakers or boots. Since it’s unnused space after all, why not? Just be careful with any possible smell…

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Hope you like the tips and that they can help you! If you have any doubts, ask in the comments bellow and I’ll do my best do answer them.

See you next time! Bye!


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