What to look on a hotel

If it’s near what you want

colosseoThat’s your start, from this you can decide the rest. It changes a lot depending on your focus for the trip.

If you want to spend more time of your travel on museum, search for a hotel that’s near the museum’s area. If you need to be near the business center, look first for hotels near it (they may be expensive, specially if there’s any event going on).

If you want to get to know the city better, book a hotel on the downtown area.

Personally, on my last trip, my focus was on going inside the Colosseo, so we booked a hotel a few steps from it.

If there are restaurants, markets near.

Every restaurant that’s on a hotel tends to be expensive, same for the food and drinks arte-del-caffe-exteriorinside the bedroom. So look around the area to see if there are places you can go to eat or buy something.

Also, if you want to grab a bite at local restaurants, that’s the best thing to do, because you can always easily come back to eat new foods on different restaurants.

In Rome, all the area around the Colosseo is absolutelly full of good restaurants (eat the brusquetta!), so any hotel you choose in that area is near a good place to eat the same food locals do and not pay much for it.

I like to look if it’s part of a group I know.

suffren_nightWhen we were looking for hotels near the Eiffel Tower, I saw a lot on the same street that looked kinda the same. So, I put on top of the Possible List those I already knew the group they were part of. That’s important because every big group wants to have a hotel on the perfect area.

We ended up beeing literally a block away from the Eiffel Tower and our experience could not have been better.


If it has breakfast, and if not, if there’s anywhere near where I can have it.

In most of the cities in normal for hotels to offer breakfast as included on the price, but in SONY DSCplaces like NYC it’s not. So, pay attention if there are delis near the hotel and if they have a good price.

Also, pay attention to the price of the hotels very carefully, because there’s the possibility that you’re paying a low price thinking that the breakfast is included when it actually isn’t. Sometimes the only difference between two hotels is that one charges 12 dollars for the breakfast and the other doesn’t (and by mistake you take the one without breakfast).

That’s it for this post. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the next post!


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