A day in Santorini – Greece

In july I was onboard the Jewel of the Seas on a trip to the Greec Islands and we passed one day in Santorini. I had high hopes for it, but, honestly, I was kinda disapointed in the end of the day…

There are those beautiful churches and stunning views, but to see them like on the pictures you have to go to some really specific places, and after a few pictures, you want to leave because it’s too crowded and noisy, with people trying to sell things, playing annoying music and singing really bad!

It also gets a little annoying to go up and down seeing basicly the same things everywhere while burnning under the sun (it’s really hot during the entire year! we asked a local…).

The island has an incredible history and everyone should go there at least once, but I believe that’s it.

The facts that the island is part of a volcano and that the buildings needed to be white (like the ground) with the blue ceilling (like the sky) so that pirates wouldn’t see them are amazingly catchy at first sight! But you can only handle a day!

I reccorded two videos about Santorini:

On the first one, you can see the churches and the winery (my favorite place there) along with the places I went to see Thi’ra.

And on the second one you can see the cable car trip to go back to the ship.


Thank you so much for reading this! See you in the next post!


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