What’s thai ice cream?

Have you ever heard of thai ice cream?

It’s a really famous kind of ice cream, served in rolls. Explainning: it’s traditional in Thailand and became famous all around the world. You probably have seen them once or twice on Instagram or Facebook.

It’s made on a plate that’s on -30ºC, and you can make with basically anything you’d put on an ice cream. For example, for a strawberry ice cream, you can put a frozen strawberry on top of the plate, and smash it with two spatulas, until it’s completelly smashed, then, add milk and mix everything with the spatulas. You’ll see it turn into ice cream! When it’s on the consistency you want, spread the ice cream on the plate, making a thin layer. After that, use one of the spatulas to make rolls. You can put any toppings and serve. It’s delicious!

I went to Toronto this month and had to try this ice cream! It was on my Must Do List! I was near the Toronto Eaton Centre and wanted an ice cream parlor that had that ice cream and was near, so I googled it and at the first try, it showed me this temaki restaurant and we went there to find no ice cream at all… Because of that, I really focused on the second try, and it was Arctic Bites. Loved the place. It’s small, but the ice cream is delicious!

We ordered a Raspberry Ice Cream and watched they make it from scratch! You can see on the video that everything I told you actually happened! #happy

I really recommend you try one of these, it’s an amazing experience! There’s one in each of the biggest cities and it’s spreading pretty fast too.

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See you in the next post.


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