Jewel of the Seas’ review

In July I went to Europe and made a cruise through the Greek Islands and Turkey onboard the Jewel of the Seas. Here’s what I think about it.

It’s not the most recent of the ships. Actually, it was launched in 2004 and renovated in April, 2016.

It belongs to Royal Caribbean’s Radiance Class.

The ship’s maximum capacity is less than a half of those of the Oasis or Quantum Class ships, and you can see it by the size of the ship. When onboard the Anthem of the Seas, I felt like I was at a city that happened to be moving on the ocean, because it’s huge.

When at the Jewel of the Seas, I could easily see things were a lot closer from each other.

The cabin is a little bit smaller, but you can’t see it. if you don’t know the measurements, you won’t even care.

But I loved the ship. It’s themed with something that resembles me from India, with the Solarium and the main restaurant.

At the Solarium, there’s this huge gold elefant with tigers resting at bridges and a lot of trees. Also, near, the spa entrance has a really beautiful indian look, with white and gold colored collumns.

The main restaurant has chairs and carpet colored with bright colors that remember the way indian people would decorate.

What I missed from the Oasis and Quantum classes?

First of all, I missed Central Park, from the Oasis Class. I love the ideia of a living park onboard a ship! There you can eat at the italian restaurant while watching the park or just go with someone and sit in one of the benches and relax while time passes by.

I also missed the openning hours. When I’m onboard a ship I don’t wake up the same time I do at home, so I don’t want to have to have breakfast at up to 9am…  Also, onboard the Anthem of the Seas I had the feeling that the Windjammer restaurant would never close, because the activities would match lunch and dinner time, so you would plan your day better.

Something I only saw at the Anthem of the Seas, but I loved so much and missed at the Jewel, was the Bumper Cars. They’re so fun! Everyone can play and the line is always huge! Even the elders enjoy (actually, they’re the ones having more fun, because they don’t really care if they’re hitting too hard on one another).

The theater is a lot smaller and the cast don’t make original plays, as they do on the Quantum and Oasis classes.

That’s it. Everything I could remember that can be important about the Jewel of the Seas cruiseship. Please, tell me in the comments bellow if you think I forgot something and give me ideas to other posts. I also have an youtube channel, so, if you enjoyed the videos I put in this post, subscribe to see more.

Thanks for reading!


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