What’s the canadian culture?

Canada is a “weird animal” in the words of a sellsman in Miami’s airport, and I have to agree. I got really surprised to see that the place is like every other, but, at the same time, COMPLETELY different. Here’s why:

The city resembled me New York, because in every corner you can see something amazing. But at the same time, you get surprised by things that are simple and normal for them. For example, you’re walking inside the mall and there’s people skateboarding.

I wasn’t really excited to go to Toronto, but when I got there, I saw it’s beauty. The city knows how to mix nature with a concrete jungle perfectly.

Ihqdefaultn Canada, different people live together in a globalized way, it means that they don’t have a canadian culture per se, but the cultures of different ages and places are mixed, in the way that everyone does its own thing, but different people form the same group. I can’t really think of a better way to explain, sorry… You don’t see easily a thai neighborhood, for example, because right in front of a thai ice cream shop there’s a mexican restaurant. Everyone does its own thing everywhere. I saw people praying out loud at the Path, in front of a restroom, and I’m still not okay with people skateboarding inside a mall… As I’m going to talk more later, I also noticed canadians LOVE popcorn (for some reason).

Now, some things I actually didn’t apreciate:

Toronto has a lot of homeless people! And they’re everywhere: in malls, coffee shops, hotels, etc., and no one cares (only tourists). I was surprise when inside an Apple store a homeless person started asking people around for money and not a single security guy asked him to leave or stop doing that. They sleep on benches inside malls and people pretend not to see… Things we don’t usually see on other major cities.

Niagara Falls closes on winter and there’s absolutely nothing to do but to take pictures… All of the fun activities, stores, restaurants… everything is closed. We found only one gift shop open.

Tipical food:

lsI searched everywhere and couldn’t find something that was CANADIAN food. Actually, what I ate in Toronto, that people told me canadians eat, was popcorn (you can find popcorn EVERYWHERE. Inside the Eaton Centre I saw 4 stores that sell only popcorn and at our hotel, as I told in this post, we were receive with popcorn). Inside the same mall I saw 4 different popcorn shops, with lots of different flavors and sizes (not only small, medium, big and huge) and there wasn’t a movie theater there or anywhere near.

Other things people told me canadians eat are pita bread on Jimmy the Greek and maple flavored foods (I found cookies, ice cream, popcorn, beer, coffee, but I’m sure there are lots more).


Tipical animals:

Let’s say the most popular ones are the grizzly bear and the moose, because you can see plush toys of them in every gift shop. And, for some reason, they sell plush toys of them inside cans too…

grizzlybear2                 635889071951808371965917759_moose

There’s even a restaurant in Toronto called The Loose Moose!

Okay, that’s it for today’s post. I hope it was useful and interesting to you. If I forgot anyhting, please, comment and let me know. Bye!


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