Best hotel in Paris: Mercure Centre Paris Tour Eiffel

If you’re going to Paris for tourism, I know the perfect hotel! Not expensive, modern, good elevators, and, most importantly, near almost everything that’s important for a tourist.

First of all, it’s important to say that this post is not sponsored (I would love it to be), I just really think this hotel is the most perfect one in Paris for tourists and decided to share it.

I went to Paris twice in my life, until now. The first time I stayed at the Mercure Paris La Defense and it was good, but too far from the places I wanted to go. I had to take a cab or the subway, and I prefer to do things by walking, when travelling, to see more places and discover new things.

This hotel was chosen by our guide and, from the possibilities, it was the best for everyone: cheap with breakfast. To see the tour we had to go to the last floor and push the zoom of the camera a little.

The second time I went to Paris, we chose the hotel ourselves and it was hard… All of the possibilities near the Tour were with old, small elevators, or even no elevator at all. My dad is claustrophobic, so we needed a hotel with spacious and modern elevators.

We wanted free wifi at the rooms, renovated rooms, breakfast included in the room price, a safe inside the room, two separated beds in the same room and, most importantly, it had to be near the Eiffel Tour. All of that for a reasonable price…

Both times we went in July, that’s summer and school break, so it was packed with people and hotels were fully booked, with the room price really high.

After a long time searching on and TripAdvidor, we found two hotels that were the nearest to the Eiffel Tower: Mercure Centre Paris Tour Eiffel and Pullman (that’s beside the other one). Both had everything we asked for, but the price was really salty. The Pullman was out of reach by far and the Mercure wasn’t the cheapest, but after a few days looking, the hotel made us an offer of a big discount and we booked right away.

mercure-paris-centreThe best feature about the hotel is defintely the location. The last time I went to Paris, I could not see the Tour closely, but this time, I would step out of the door and see it everyday, since it was one block away! Almost everywhere we went, we had to pass in front of it. It’s amazing.

Not only that, but, beeing close to the Tour, means you’re near almost everything that’s important for tourists. I walked a lot in this trip, because everything felt so close I wouldn’t bother.

This photo shows perfectly the distance between the hotel and the Tour.

IMPORTANT: There are, at least, 3 Mercure hotels in the same street. I’m talking about the one that’s closest to the Tour and beside Pullman. When we told the cab driver we were going to the Mercure Hotel near the hotel, he was a little confused and almost left us at the wrong hotel.


The breakfast wasn’t the most complete I’ve seen. It had fruits, eggs, coffee, tea, juices, etc; but didn’t have cakes, waffles and pancakes… But I loved the pastries. I had the best croissant ever. After 2 days, my breakfast was one croissant, coffee/juice and some pieces of fruit.

elevator-cabin-of-theSomething I really liked was the elevator. Not only it was modern and spacious, it had this big screen in the mirror with simulations of the weather and sunlight at the time. As the day passes, the simulation changes, showing the Tour lighted up when it’s night, the sunrise, rain, etc.

Sometimes, it would show news too (you can see in the bottom of the Tour, the CNN logo).

Sorry about the bad quality of the photo, I couldn’t find a better one, but I also couldn’t leave the post without it.


The staff was amazing. The recepcionist was a beautiful lady that spoke fluently, as I could count, 3 languages (I saw her speaking french, english and italian). Everyone seemed really interested in helping and checking if everything was fine.

I only got upset when I had a little problem with the air conditioner and told 3 people in different ocasions to repair it, but they didn’t really do anything until the checkout day…



For those who are interest, the hotel also has a fitness centre and is pet friendly (as are most places in Paris).

toilet room

Something I found really weird was the bathroom. It’s classical french. What does it mean? The toilet is separated from the rest of the bathroom, so to wash your hands you have to leave the toilet room and enter the other room that has the sink… I don’t like it, but most people simply don’t care.




So, that’s it for today. If you have any questions about this hotel or if you’ve been there and have anything to say, tell me in the comments bellow.


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