Top 7 MUST HAVE apps for travellers

There are some apps that can really help travellers and make our lives easier. I made a list of those I believe to be the most important.

As far as I know, all of them are avaliable for android and iOS.



I got to know this app through my dad and fell in love right away. It shows every information possible about any flight LIVE and a 3D simulation of the air conditions of the flight and the area around it. It’s not the best 3D, but it’s interesting. I like to check if my flight is delayed, if my friends’ flight has arrived, etc.

Also, you can point the phone to an airplane flying near you and get the flight information!

Flight company’s app


I have on my phone the AA and the One World apps, because these are the companies I flight the most. For frequent flighters, it’s essencial to have the app of the company to check in online and check the status of the flight. Things can change at any second, so you need to stay informed. Besides that, some companies require the app to allow to have access to wifi onboard and the entertainment system.

Google maps


I believe every phone already comes with the app but for those that don’t have installed, do it. The function to download a route is one of those I use the most when travelling. You probably don’t know where something is, and to ask for directions may still get you lost. I also like to mark with a star all of the places I want to go, to have an idea of the distance between them and understand a little bit of the city.


There are thousands of hotel booking websites, but the only one that haven’t screwed me is All of the others, at least one time, didn’t book my already paid reservation with the hotel, or didn’t tell me the hotel was full and still allowed me to make a reservation… Or the informations about the hotel were wrong… also gives discounts for those that book a lot with them. I’m a “genius” level, so I get good discounts, free nights and more.

Airport app


If you’re staying at a big airport for more than a few hours, I highly recomend you to download the map of the airport to your phone. Also, some airports only provide wifi if you have the app installed.



It’s one of the few apps I will never uninstall of my phone. Even in my hometown it’s really useful. Whenever I want to know people’s opinion about a place, I search on the app.

When I’m travelling to a new place, I always search for good places to eat, visit and take photos near me. It’s the biggest comunity of travellers online and to have that on your phone it’s really useful.

You can book reservations on restaurants, attractions, hotels, etc. I haven’t booked hotels at the website, but I have booked restaurants and it never got me in trouble.

Google Translate


I don’t have to explain the utility of the website, but you may not know the existance of the app, that adds the feature of translating the text of a picture.

I love it.

When I went to Italy, I was still learning italian, so I couldn’t comunicate well. Because of that, I downloaded Italian on the Translate app and, even offline, I was able to know how to speak properly and comunicate.

Besides that, there’s the fact that there are thungs you simply don’t learn at schools. For example, I horseride. There are terms that are too specific, so, the french class I had couldn’t have tought me the terms I needed to buy what I wanted at a store in Paris. If it wasn’t for the app, I would’ve had some problems…

These are today’s apps, if you have any suggestions of other apps, tell me in the comments bellow and I’ll make a part 2. Also, tell me your opinions about these apps. I’d love to know your thoughts about it.

See you in the next post.


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