The Eiffel Tower now has a Zipline!

Until Sunday, visitors will be able to feel adrenaline in the most iconic place in Paris. The ride, that allows people to have a stunning view of the area, is only open for a limited time to coincide with the French Open Tennis Tournament, currently taking place in the city.

The zipline starts mid-way up the 324m tall building and offers riders a bird’s-eye view of the city, before whizzing them over the geometric formal gardens at Champs de Mars at speeds of up to 90km/hr (56mph). They are then safely deposited on a purpose-built platform in the park, 800 metres and around a minute later.

It goes from the Tower, across the Champs de Mars, and finishing at the L’École Militaire

Not everyone will be able to have a go though – the lucky few were selected in a ballot online last week.

It’s a very interesting was of seeing the city and the lucky ones will have a lifetime experience, since there’s no sign that this may happen again any other time.

If you got the chance of doing it, please share with me the experience in the comments bellow and, if not, would you like to do it? I’d be really scared but would probably go.


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