What NOT to do when onboard a cruiseship

There are a few things you simply can’t do when onboard a cruiseship, because you may have problems if you do. So, even if you have cruised before, there may be a few things you don’t know.

The first one is a must every cruiser knows:

Don’t skip the muster drill

It will provide important information in case of an emergency. And, it’s mandatory, even if you have cruised before, with the penalty of being dragged out of the ship if you don’t go.

Photo from the dailymail.co.uk

Don’t buy a minor a drink onboard

Pay attention to the legal drinking age at the country you’re cruising. In the US people under 21 can’t drink. In Europe, people under 18 can’t.

If you’re caught lending your ID to a minor, or buying drinks to a minor, it’s possible to be booted of the ship.

Photo from royalcaribbeanblog.com

Don’t bring booze onboard

Royal Caribbean, for example says that “It’s not allowed. If spirits or beer are found, they will be confiscated and destroyed” and the money you spent on them will not be given back, so you’ll lose money and the booze…

Photo from carpe-travel.com

Don’t organize your own tours

Well, at least not in public!

The cruise line won’t care if you book a private tour with a few friends, but they will pay attention to passengers booking a 30-person bus and advertising onboard for other cruisers to join them in shore excursions.

I always recommend people to book the cruise line’s excursions, because they will be fully responsable for you and, most importantly, they’ll wait for you in case of your excursion being late. If you go out by yourself and you’re not onboard on time, the ship will leave without you!

Photo from salesforce.com

Don’t throw stuff overboard

If caught, you may be thrown outside!

Cruise lines care about the environment and sign deals of keeping the oceans clean, so, if they have a penalty for throwing trash on the sea, you do too.

Photo from media.mnn.com

Don’t commit a crime

It may be obvious, but if you commit a crime onboard, you’ll be taken to the ship’s “prison” and, in the next port-of-call you’ll be conducted out of the ship and delivered to the authorities so you can respond to your actions.

Photo from elconfidencial.com

Don’t pick up a fight

If you’re caught in a fight with someone, both of you will be dragged to an special room where the crew will avaluate the situation and see if you need to be expelled or a time out in prison or just a talk.

Photo from the dailymail.co.uk

That’s it for today’s post. I hope to have helped you and if I missed out something, tell me in the comments bellow and I might make a part 2.

Thanks for reading!


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