Is Las Vegas an adults-only city?

When most people think of Las Vegas, they think about casinos, naked girls, parties, etc., but there’s a whole other side to the city a lot of people don’t know. It is possible to go on a family trip to L.V. and have a lot of fun!

When I was 16, I went to Las Vegas with my dad and, before we get there, I was really scared of the place… “How is my dad bringing me here?”. Well, it was one of the most fun trips I’ve ever made! Here’s why:

1. Battlefield Vegas

One of my favorite things about this trip is that I was able to shoot with real guns for the first time!

Battlefield Vegas is a safe place for people to shoot. Everyone that works there is military (including the owner) and carries a gun all the time, just in case some crazy person wants to do something with their guns.

I recorded a video there showing how it was and the attention I’ve got from the instructor and you can see it bellow. I shot with an MP5K, COLT M4, UZI, AK-47 and with a SHOTGUN!

2. Michael Jackson’s One by Cirque du Soleil

In this trip I went to 2 Cirque du Soleil shows: Love and One. Love is a show inspired by the Beatles. I thought I would like it, since I like the Beatles, but I literally slept at it… On the other hand, I completely loved One (inspired by Michael Jackson).

It’s located at the Mandalay Bay Hotel at the Strip.

It’s so great! There’s a hologram of him that’s part of the show singing and dancing!

It’s unmissable for everyone that likes good music and cirque du soleil. I would surely go again!

3. Trainer for a day

I’m an animal lover ever since I can remember, so, when I got to know I was able to be a dolphin trainer for a whole day inside my own hotel, I got really excited!

It’s located at the Mirage Hotel, in the middle of the Strip.

I can’t say it’s cheap to do it, but I have to say it’s worth it. I payed something like 200 dollares so that I could do the trainning and my dad could be near watching and taking pictures.


The one problem I had with that was that the dolphings weren’t really in the mood to do anything that day (and when you sign the contract there’s a part about it, so it must be really common…).

I’m not sure I would do it again, but as an one time thing, it was good fun!

Since this is the only part of the post I could say people can really disagree, I’m putting the TripAdvisor’s review page of the place, so that you can check it out by yourself.

4. Terry Fator

Also at the Mirage Hotel, there’s Terry Fator. There’s no way to be more family-friendly than a ventriloquist! He’s performs with different puppets (politicians, elvis cosplayers, Cher, Michael Jackson, soul singers, turtles, little girls, etc…) that have their unique voices and can sing amazingly through them.

My favorite is the Turtle. At the end of every show he sings What a wonderful world with Winston (the turtle) and it’s so cute and beautiful!

That’s it for today’s post. I hope you’ve liked it. If you have been to Las Vegas and knows something family-friendly I forgot to put here, please, tell me in the comments bellow and I might make a part 2. Also, if I changed your mind about the city, share your thoughts with me! I’ll love to read it!

Thanks for reading.


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