Shooting with real guns at a Las Vegas range

I love guns, but, where I live, a citizen can’t have or even touch one (only airsofts), so, when I went to Las Vegas, I searched for a place where I could do it and it was my favorite day of the trip, by far!


From all the places I saw, I chose to go to the Battlefield Vegas. Everyone that works there is military (so, they really know how to handle guns) and they’re prepared for any surprises.

A guy picked me up on a Humvee at the Mirage (where I was staying) and took me to the Battlefield Vegas through the Strip. Everyone was looking! It was something that got more attention than the Las Vegas Strip!

A imagem pode conter: 1 pessoa
Best photo I could find. Sorry…

Now we’re at the shooting range and this other guy was teaching me how to properly shoot. I found really funny that he said “you stay in position like as if you were playing videogames! Do you want to learn how we do it at the army?”. And, of course, I said YES!


Of course, I recorded everything!

After shooting with every gun in my package (the UZI, COLT M4, AK-47 and the MP5K), my trainer said I doing pretty good for my first time and he was going to give me a gift. The gift was 1 shot with a shotgun! And what a gift! That thing is really powerful!

After everything really ended, I took the target home. I took this picture bellow before the shotgun, though. I’m not the best shooter, but you can’t say I’m that bad either!


I LOVED IT! I really want to go to Las Vegas again to do this and try another package! There was this guy next to me that was with a Stoner 63A LMG!!!

That’s it for today’s post. If you have been to Battlefield vegas, please tell me how was your experience in the comment section bellow. Thanks for reading!

See you in the next post.


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