Visiting the One World Trade Center

When in NYC, one of the places you must go is the One World Trade Center Building. It’s very emotional and they took the concept of “observatory” to a whole new level!

The building is the tallest skyscraper in the western hemisphere, with 1,792 ft (546.2 m).

Along with the protection provided by the reinforced concrete base, a number of other safety features were included in the building’s design, so that it would be prepared for a major accident or terrorist attack.

There are also extra-wide, pressurized stairwells, along with a dedicated set of stairwells exclusively for the use of firefighters, and biological and chemical filters throughout the ventilation system.

One World Trade Center’s top floor is officially designated as floor 104, despite the fact that the tower only contains 94 actual stories. The building has 86 usable above-ground floors, of which 78 are intended for office purposes.
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OK, after the general info about the tower, let’s talk about the visit.

First, you pass through the security check, which is similar to the one at the airport, for obvious reasons!

Then, the visit starts from bellow the ground. You see the foundation and how they designed it to be, together with the people who made it possible.

At every moment, the visitor can see how the construction of the building simbolizes hope, not only for the average person, but for those who lost someone on 9/11.

After that, you go to the elevator. It’s not only transportation to the observatory, but it also shows a 47 seconds time-lapse from 1500s to present days. The Towers are there until 2001, when they smoothly disappear…

At the 102nd floor, you see a video of NY, then, the screens move and you can see the city. After that, you pass through a door and enter the observatory. There are a few things to do there, other than to look at the city, like the must have gift shop, but there’s also something I love.

In a certain area there’s this guy with a screen. He tells trivia, history, basicly, he will answer basic questions about the city with a big screen that catches attention!

The building is right beside the 9/11 Memorial. So, from the observatory you can see (besides everything else) the place where the two towers were, the museum and the subway station.

In this video bellow you can see everything I said about the visit!

That’s it for today’s post. If you have anything to add, please tell me in the comments bellow. Thanks for reading.

See you in the next post.


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