What’s a Silent Party

I was onboard Anthem of the Seas, when I walked in Music Hall and it was silent… but full of people dancing with colored headphones on. Turns out it was the best party ever!

How it Works

It’s really simple. You get a headphone at the entrance and turns it on. Then you can choose your color and station. Each one is playing a different song. During the party, you can keep switching the stations and volume.

An amazing thing is that suddenly you see a wave of colors changing. That means the other station has a better song at the momment.

Because people loved it so much, there were other 2 parties, one bigger than the other.

When you explain it with words is a little weird, so, watch this video that I believe will show how fun it is.

That’s it for today’s post. If you have seen this kind of party at other cruise ships, let me know in the comments bellow. Thanks for reading.

See you in the next post!


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